As many top-tier managers know from years of experience, finding the time to make sure that employees are on a path toward personal and professional growth isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage employee development, and the results can be extremely rewarding for all members of an organization. Here are just a few ways to give employees the tools to do their best, and why doing so can help a company reach its full potential.

Why Employee Development Matters

To understand why employee development should be a top priority for any leading business worth its salt, it’s important to know the reasons that employees stay with certain companies and choose to leave others. As it turns out, a competitive paycheck and good benefits isn’t always enough to keep employees onboard at a company for long, as the turnover rates of some of the world’s largest firms will show.

Going the Distance for Employees

So how does a business leader show employees that their work truly matters and that staying with their current employer is a sound investment in their emotional health? Part of the process lies in seeing how employee career goals match up with a company’s vision: Most employees will jump at the chance to participate in activities that strengthen their skill sets such as training seminars and office getaways. Setting aside time for performance reviews that emphasize employee strengths is also a great way to show employees that their work truly matters.

Bosses or Mentors?

Performance reviews are particularly effective in providing job satisfaction to workers because people have a natural need for the encouragement and positive reinforcement that such reviews provide. In recent years, an increasing trend toward providing employees with mentorship programs has been popular in business circles for the same reason, and it is easy to see why employees love the ability to learn from supportive and encouraging leaders within their fields. Mentors have a personal investment in helping their aspiring professionals grow as people. Far from being a distant boss who merely lays down the law when necessary, a good mentor will tend to focus on employee achievements rather than the bottom line. Indeed, to be a great boss in 2019, providing mentorship to employees should be a top priority for any business leader.

Providing Resources for Personal Growth

With one of the highest employee satisfaction rates of any industry in the private sector, Starbucks has been revolutionizing the way that companies show their employees that they matter for decades. In recent years, the company has outdone itself by partnering with Arizona State University to help Starbucks employees pursue higher education via tuition reimbursement programs. By providing employees with the means to better their lives, Starbucks took its corporate mission to new heights, and their employees could not be happier with the results. It’s a lesson many businesses can learn from in an age where employees often get the short end of the stick when it comes to sharing in a company’s success.

For these reasons, supporting employee development can be one of the best ways to strengthen a company and ensure a bright future for everyone involved. With the right tools and support from business leaders, employees can reach their true potential and find happiness with their work. And that is business at its best!