Many people may fear working in the tech industry because of extended schooling and expensive training. The reality is that you can still work there even without possessing any technical background. Many newbies are discouraged from working in the tech industry because of the following misconceptions:

Women have No Interest Working in Technology Industry

According to the 2019 BLS report, about 27.8% of women work in computer system design and related fields. Besides, PRC reported that the number of women working in technology increases as more girls study tech-related subjects. As per 2016, women’s occupation workforce in engineering was 14%, computer 25%, and physical science 29%. Also, in 2019, about 47% and 29% of girls took the AP calculus test and AP computer science. Recently, NCWIT reported that the number of women earning Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Science has drastically increased for the last ten years.

Formal Education is Not Necessary for Technology

According to Williams, formal education is essential in technology and all fields. It helps you to communicate effectively and think critically. Also, it equips you with skills and knowledge, which enables you to present yourself professionally.

Additionally, formal education will help you research new concepts to learn new skills. Furthermore, you should get your certificate once you complete your education because it’s the only proof to your employer that you are capable of doing something.

No Creativity in Tech Industry

Numerous tech jobs require creativity. For instance, you should be creative to develop sustainable solutions in web development. Again, creativity is necessary to solve troubleshooting database problems, build new software, and deal with network issues.

You Must Come from Silicon Valley for You to Get a Tech Job

Although Silicon Valley hosts various tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc., it doesn’t mean you must come from that region to secure a technology job. There are so many software developers worldwide. Most of them work from where they are because they can easily access the software to diagnose and troubleshoot any malfunctioning system. Unlike before, you can find tech industries in big and small cities.

Parting Shot

After reading the above misconceptions, I hope you understand what working in the tech industry means. If you intend to work in this industry, go ahead and follow your dream and experience the fun of working there.