In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the best ways to retain valuable talent within your company.  To retain valuable talent, you should focus on the best ways to attract talent within your company.  Your employees are an essential key to the foundation of your business and you want to make sure you are attracting candidates that will work well and thrive within your organization.  Here are some great ways to attract valuable talent into your workplace:

Be Transparent About the Position

The interview process is the perfect place to define what your company stands for and what the candidate can expect for their desired position. The key here is to always be transparent.  Give the potential candidate a good idea of what it means to work at your company, things they can expect and a solid description of what the position entails. Additionally, providing a great description of your company, in general, is a great way to make sure both you and the candidate are on the same page.

Map Out Opportunities for Internal Growth

Potential employees want to know they’ll have the opportunity to grow within your company once they start.  In most cases, they’re looking for a career path; somewhere they can settle into and grow professionally as well as personally.  Mapping out opportunities for internal growth is a great way to show potential employees that they can have a solid career path over time with your company.  This can not only give them insight into their future with your organization but also help motivate them to stay on track and work towards their goals.

Display Strong Company Culture

Many organizations today are focusing on developing a strong company culture.  As a result, this is something candidates are looking for when they’re searching for employment.  While you focus on discussing your company in general, you’ll also want to highlight the importance of internal culture, and any specific organization initiatives you have to maintain and consistently improve the overall structure and internal culture.  

Maintain an Effective Onboarding Process

A well-organized onboarding process is also a great way to attract valuable talent.  When a company hires a new employee, it’s not only an organizational change but also a change for the new-hire as well.  Onboarding is important, and employees want to know that there’s an effective onboarding process behind the position they’re applying for.  This includes a good introduction to the company and other employees, a strong introduction into the position and an efficient training program.