The importance of company culture is on the rise across the business industry.  Today’s employment candidates are not only seeking careers within corporations that offer competitive salaries and benefit packages, but also a reputation for a positive and flexible work environment.  As a result, organizations across the U.S are focusing on transitioning from the formality of traditional company culture to adopting new practices that are focusing more on the happiness and well-being of employees.  

At alliantgroup, we focus on maintaining a high-performance, positive, culture by creating an engaging work environment where our employees not only feel comfortable but know the importance of their role within our organization.  In fact, last year alliantgroup ranked 22nd in the Large-Size Company category for Entrepreneur’s Tops Company Cultures list of 2017.  Here are a few ways your organization can benefit from building a positive company culture:

Creates Happier Employees & Increases Retention

Your employees are a foundational part of your organization’s structure.  Unhappy employees result in poor performance, quick turnover rates, and puts a company at risk for obtaining a bad reputation.  With the power of the internet, a bad review or reputation could significantly impact your companies potential for success. Focusing on areas such as flexibility, communication, and support can show employees their value and encourage high-performance work efforts all while increasing the potential for successful employee retention.  

Promotes Employee Collaboration

A strong company culture encourages employees to work with peers in collaborative efforts.  Encouraging collaboration among employees often promotes innovative ideas, creativity, and strong lines of communication throughout an organization.  Additionally, fostering collaboration among employees creates an overall supportive environment and contributes to employees meeting individual as well as company-wide goals.

Drives Work Performance

Employees who are unhappy with their work environment often struggle to maintain high productivity and performance levels.  Happy employees tend to invest their efforts in their work and take pride in wanting to succeed at their job. According to a Forbes article by contributor William Craig, “If you want to keep employees productive, you need to ensure they’re happy, open to collaboration and able to express their creativity. By fostering a positive work culture that encourages all three, your employees can become more invested in what your business creates.

Positive company culture promotes many benefits for an organization.  Work towards common goals in a collaborative work environment that encourages employees to perform at their full potential.