Human resource departments take charge of operational duties to keep business running smoothly each day. Consequently, HR is an area that can impact a business’ success. From training to management, artificial intelligence (AI) is being incorporated into HR in exciting new ways. Explore some of the examples below!


The use of AI in human resources can make onboarding a new employee easier than ever before. Typically, when a new employee starts a job, there is a steep learning curve because they have to become familiar with the business, including all of its policies, procedures, and requirements. They must also learn the actual position for which they’ve been hired. This takes an average of six months, sometimes longer. Some AI solutions can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for a new employee to get up to speed. This is done through intensive training that is customized to the position and knowledge level of each new employee.

Task Automation

Perhaps the most well-known use of AI is task automation. This is because automating tasks has the potential to drastically improve operational efficiency and decrease costs. As a result, companies can achieve much better bottom-line results. HR will need to hire fewer employees, which enables them to redirect resources to areas that can help to advance business initiatives. This can result in a more efficient use of available resources.

Data-Driven Decisions

Some of the more advanced AI systems offer programs that can help employees make logical decisions through the use of cognitive engines. This means the technology can be used to provide guidance in areas that have traditionally required the support of HR managers or other organizational leaders. AI in the area of decision-making is all-encompassing because it can provide data regarding things like time-off requests. AI can pinpoint the best time to take a vacation based on many operational factors. Some AI systems access data sources that can even identify opportunities for professional growth.

These are just a few examples of ways in which AI is changing how HR operates. The use of AI is a trend that’s accelerating across all industries, and it’s interesting to see the differences and similarities between them all!