alliantgroup is an independent consulting firm with a mission to strengthen American businesses.  Our mission is a fundamental part of our success and directly contributes to our reputation for providing all of our clients with best-in-class specialty tax services.  We work closely with companies throughout the country, and the CPA firms that advise them, to take advantage of important federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions.  By utilizing these credits and incentives, our clients can hire more employees and continue innovating, while improving their bottom-line. Our mission is backed by nine alliantgroup core values that have shaped our organization into an industry leader.


Our top cultural tenant is investment in our employees. Employees are the key component to the success of an organization, large or small. At alliantgroup, we use various training and mentorship programs to ensure our employees are well prepared for a successful career. Investment begins on day one with the new hire onboarding class and continues throughout their career with on-going corporate training and mentorship. alliantgroup new hires are enrolled in our aligned onboarding class, where they are able to interact with other new hires, learn about the different departments, and first experience our team-based, collaborative work environment.

High Performance

alliantgroup’s High-Performance culture is a direct reflection of our investment in employees.  Our performance expectations are high, and giving back to our employees as a result of their work and dedication is an essential part of our investment value.  When expectations are met and exceeded, we make it a point to assure those employees are recognized properly. We value our employees for the effort they put into their work, and the contributions they make to our organization as a whole.

Raving Fan Mission

When it comes to serving our clients, our number one goal is to deliver an impeccable experience that makes every client a ‘Raving Fan’. The Raving Fan Mission is at the core of our company culture.  Our commitment to outstanding service has earned us a reputation that has allowed us to work with more than 20,000 businesses and 5,000 CPA firms across the country.

Active Not Passive

At alliantgroup, we maintain and encourage an entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere.  Every employee is empowered to share ideas and offer solutions that can positively impact our business model. We want to inspire our employees to be innovative in their careers, and that means encouraging a ‘go-getter’ mentality.  To establish this, all alliantgroup managers honor an “open-door policy”, welcoming collaboration sessions to discuss any ideas or suggestions.