Company Culture – the Key to Success or Failure of an Organization

The culture within a company can make or break it. Poor company culture will weigh down employees by demotivating them on the job or causing them to completely leave the company for a new environment. A positive culture promotes collaboration, high spirits among employees and increased productivity. Read on to learn why the culture of a company is so important and how it can be improved.

What Influences Company Culture?

Positive culture starts from the top and works its way down. When leadership thinks and acts in a positive way, employees tend to get on board. A leadership team that values hard work, idea sharing, cross-department collaboration, and recognition goes a long way toward creating a positive environment for every employee. In addition, setting forth standards and core values can help these positive outlooks trickle down the company, giving everyone the same end goals. alliantgroup’s nine core values are the cornerstone of creativity and effort for every employee at the company.

The Importance of Developing a Positive Culture

The number one reason to develop a positive culture is that happy and positive workers are more productive and have greater job satisfaction. This keeps great employees on board for the long-term. Unfortunately, when considering those who will end up leaving the company, some people can’t be changed. Recognizing the signs of deeply negative people isn’t hard to do once you know what you’re looking for. Ensure your HR department has a handle on gauging personality when reviewing applicants. That way, you’re truly able to hire the best and brightest, both intellectually and emotionally!

How to Flip a Negative Culture

Set a new company mission statement that addresses the importance and power of positivity in the workplace. Write it in a way that makes sense for your company, then share it with the entire organization during a company-wide meeting. Once it’s in place, stay consistent with the goals of the mission statement every single day. Remember, a positive culture always starts from the top and works its way down. Although there are things that individual employees can do to improve culture, this ultimately is a leadership responsibility. Take charge and bring a strong sense of culture and community to your company.