As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be able to make things as convenient as possible for yourself. Some entrepreneurs are very good at finding technology that can help them to get things done. There are various cloud-based services and apps that are perfect for entrepreneurs. Read on to learn about some of these cloud-based solutions that can make your life easier. 


Skype is fantastic when it comes to making business calls and holding meetings with people. The cost to make international calls is very low when using Skype as well. Whether you’re in need of a video conferencing solution or if you want a simple app where you can chat with people, Skype is going to be worth downloading. Check it out if you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. 


Dropbox is a cloud-based service that many people might already be familiar with. Collaborating with others is easier when you can use Dropbox to its full potential. It’s easy to just place files in your Dropbox account so that you can share them back and forth. You get up to 2GB of free space and this cloud-based service is actually quite affordable for what it offers. 

Google Apps

The popular Google apps are all cloud-based as well and you should be using them for your business. Gmail, Google Docs, and Google messaging will be very helpful for entrepreneurs in various ways. The tools that you have available to you with these apps are all quite intuitive. This is a perfect place to start when you’re getting things going as an entrepreneur. 

Amazon EC2 

Amazon’s cloud-based services are still one of the best that you can make use of as an entrepreneur. If you want to make use of bonus computing bandwidth, then you’ll love what Amazon EC2 has to offer. There are many different packages to consider and several of them are cost-effective for entrepreneurs on a budget. You should look into what Amazon EC2 has to offer and see if it will work properly for your business model.