Our Core Values make up the foundation of our organization.  We consistently practice and maintain these values in all internal and external interactions.  Continue reading Part II below!

Energy and Passion

The outstanding service we pride ourselves on is a direct reflection of the passion we have for what we do. We pride ourselves on leading the industry, and mirror that in the work we provide. Every day, the work we do at alliantgroup strengthens American businesses by infusing dollars back into the American economy. With the savings we help companies claim, they are able to create new jobs and further invest in innovation. This makes what we do worthwhile, and fuels our drive to serve.


Our employees are encouraged to think outside of the box; innovation and creativity are important components of our company’s growth. Employees always practice showing accountability and take responsibility for all of their success, as well as any opportunities they can take to learn and improve their overall performance.


Behind our high-performance spirit is always a sense of urgency. We value our client’s time and always strive to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner. When interacting with our clients, employees demonstrate a sense of urgency with respect to project timelines and completing project milestones. Our employees make it a point to cater directly to the client’s needs 24/7.  


We always encourage a collaborative atmosphere between all employees, managers included.  Our organization was designed with a synergetic purpose to encourage team-based interaction with colleagues.  We believe that collaboration among all levels of employees and managers contributes to an organization’s development process.  Sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions can improve our client interaction processes and assist us in offering the most efficient client service possible.


Similar to our collaborative atmosphere, at alliantgroup we maintain a high level of transparency.  It is important to our company values and culture to be candid with all employees and clients, promoting open lines of communication internally and externally.  This transparency allows us to create a sense of trust with our employees in addition to our clients, proving that they are a fundamental part of our foundation and success.