Next to its consumer’s, a foundational part of a business’s success is its employees and staff.  As an essential part of an organization’s internal structure, employees should always be viewed as a valued asset to your company.  Unhappy employees that don’t feel valued by their employer often result in a quick turnover. High turnover rates can be damaging to your companies health and reputation; therefore, it’s important to focus on the different ways that you could maximize employee retention.  Here are a few sure ways you can retain valuable employees.

Practice Transparency

The days of a “need to know” basis, are coming to an end.  Today’s candidates are finding significant value in companies and managers that practice transparency in the workplace.  It’s essential for management and employees to be on the same page, and practice open communication whenever needed. Effectively communicate what you expect as a manager and offer feedback or help when needed.  Encourage employees to be open about achievements, mistakes, or any concerns to ensure their needs are being met; this creates a positive, fear-free workplace.

Show Value

One of the more crucial aspects of retaining talent in the workplace is making your employees feel valued. Employees want to feel as if their job holds importance and has a purpose within their organization. The feeling of value often promotes motivation and increases productivity.   Offer constructive feedback and regularly encourage collaborative and innovative efforts; this will show the significance of their position. Additionally, a simple “thank you,” can go a long way.

Offer Competitive Benefits & Perks

Providing employees with benefit packages such as health insurance, life insurance, and retirement savings is a crucial aspect of retaining talent.  Aside from benefits, additional perks such as flexible schedules (potential for remote work days), and vacation and personal time are great ways to show your employees that their organization respects their personal lives and offers flexibility when events occur.  At alliantgroup, we understand life happens; our employees are offered a number of perks from competitive benefits packages and paid time off, to an on-site gym and free catered lunch options.

Foster Employee Development

Some of a company’s most innovative and creative ideas come directly from employees.  Encourage your team to be creative in areas that allow for it. Offer regular training sessions and resources to consistently improve employee development and drive motivation.  Benefits such as tuition reimbursement or company paid certifications are great ways to further education and foster the development of an employee’s career.