As a leader, developing a positive atmosphere and environment for your team of employees is
an essential part of fostering a positive company culture. You want to make sure that your
employees are happy, comfortable, and motivated to come into work ready to put their best foot
forward. A great way to do this is to build a strong team of employees that not only enjoy
working together, but also enjoy effective collaboration and communication. Team building
exercises are a fun way to get your team to collaborate and interact on a more personal level.

Two Truths and a Lie
“Two truths and a lie” is a fun icebreaker exercise that’s used as a way to get employees on
your team acquainted with one another. Whether they have been part of the team for a
considerable amount of time, or they’re entering as a brand new employee, this exercise can be
used as an introductory ice breaker, or a quick activity to break up the day. Each team member
will write three statements about themselves on a piece of paper; two of them will be true, and
one will be a lie. Each individual team member will then say all three statements allowed, and
give the rest of the team the opportunity to guess which out of the three statements is untrue.
The answers can be surprising! It’s a great way to help your team get to know each other better.

Scavenger Hunt
Some team activities are a perfect way to help foster engagement outside the walls of the office.
While internal employee engagement is extremely important, externally, it is as well. A well-
organized scavenger hunt is great for a larger team to help foster communication and problem-
solving skills. Find a spacious area near your office; a park, downtown area, nearby city, etc.
Break your team into small groups and give each team a list of tasks to complete over an hour.
Tasks can include finding items around the scavenger hunt area, taking a picture near a
landmark, or setting up different clues and riddles that will take each team throughout the area
you’re in. Whatever team works together and completes the hunt the fastest wins!

Happy Hour/Team Lunch
A happy hour or team lunch gathering is a fantastic way to help your team get acquainted with
one another in a fun and social setting. Use this opportunity as a time for casual conversation
with food and drink options. It’s a great time to mingle and talk about things outside of the daily
tasks of the job. Remember, team building exercises don’t have to be limited to work hours or
being in the office. It’s a nice change for the team to get out and enjoy each others company in
a casual and fun setting.